How do I adjust tension on the pivot screw of my scissors?

The pivot screw that holds the blades together needs to have the correct adjustment. If it is too loose the hair will fold. If it is too tight, you will work your hand too hard. Both wrong adjustments will cause your scissors to dull faster. The screw adjustment should be so that the blades move easily but are not loose. This is done by holding your shears in a cross position. Hold one side as in the photo. Drop the other side and let it swing freely. It should move but not fall all the way down to a closed position. Turn the screw in small increments at a time to correct the adjustment. Think of the screw as a clock and turn the screw in 5 minute segments at a time. If it is a thumbscrew this can be done by hand. Other scissors need a screwdriver or specialty screw key, which should have been provided with the purchase of your scissors.

How do I clean my scissors?

Clean your hair scissor with a soft cloth. We recommend a cloth like the sunshine polishing cloth. If the scissors are very dirty or need disinfecting it is safer to use Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) rather than many of the disinfecting chemicals on the market. Alcohol dries more rapidly. It is important to keep your scissors dry as they will rust. Even the best scissors can rust if kept in damp conditions.